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These magnificent islands are the Jewels of the Caribbean. Enjoy boundless beauty, diversity, colour and fun on a holiday to Trinidad and Tobago

● The official language is English
● The official currency is the Trinidad Dollar
● The Limbo Dance Contest Traces Its Origin to Trinidad.
● The Trinidad scorpion is native to Trinidad & Tobago and is      regarded as one of the hottest chilies in the world.


Things To Do

Holidays to Trinidad & Tobago are packed with activities, world famous festivals and a
year round tropical climate.

Experience the rich culture of the islands with influences from the Spanish, French, British and Africans. Immerse yourself in folklore and dance traditions and hear the incredible stories from the locals. Visit Scarborough to see a preserved fort dating back to 1780.

Fancy taking to the seas? There is a wide range of activities such as glass bottom boat
excursions, fishing, Argyll waterfalls or sailing. If you fancy scuba diving you will not be
disappointed with over 300 different species of coral and a wide variety of fish and other sea creatures lurking below the waves.

Sporty holiday makers can visit six world class golf courses and enjoy local football, rugby, cricket, volleyball and hockey games.

Foodies can enjoy a wide range of food, take advantage of the different cultural influences and try things like Roti, Bake, barbecued meats and fish, tasty curries and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Whether you are after a relaxing or vibrant evening, you will find options to suit your taste. Nightlife is energetic with plenty of traditional dance clubs, shows, bars and nightclubs open all night long. If you prefer to take a more relaxed break there are plenty of places to have a quiet drink or coffee around the coastline.

So for a trip filled with beauty, vibrant vibes and culture, book a holiday to Trinidad & Tobago with CZ Holidays.