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Where the old meets the new, visit Peru for vast landscapes of desert sand dunes, jungles, glacial peaks and ancient landmarks.

● The official currency is Sol
● The official languages are Aymara and Spanish
● The largest flying bird on earth can be found in Peru, the Giant Andean Condor
● Peru has the highest sand dune in the world


Things To Do

Peru is home to extraordinary ancient sites, colonial landmarks, natural scenery and modern cities.

The Capital of Lima is famous for being one of the world's driest cities, here you can marvel at old colonial buildings or tall modern skyscrapers. See the birthplace of the city Plaza Mayor or The Majestic Palacio de Gobierno and its grand cathedral.

Machu Picchu 

Machu Picchu is one of the most famous landmarks in Peru, this UNESCO world heritage site is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World and rightly so. This sanctuary is more than 600 years old and is placed more than 2,400m above sea level, here you will be enchanted by dramatic natural surroundings, ruined temples, terraces, residents and sculptures and the famous Inca trail. This archaeological world wonder is a testament to the creativity of the Inca Empire as the whole thing was built by hand. Although the journey is not easy it is well worth it with the only methods of transport being hiking or a train and a bus.

Cerro Blanco Sand Dune 
Visit the south of Peru for the Sechura Desert, here you will find the world’s largest sand dune measuring a whopping 3,860 feet. Cerro Blanco Sand Dune towers over the town of Huacachina - Adventurers can ride dune buggies or surf the sand! 

Iquitos and Arequipa 
Historians should visit Iquitos based in the western Amazon, this city is the largest in the world without a direct road link and has a wild and historical vibe. Learn about the rain-forest in popular museums such as the Ethnographic Museum (Museo Etnográfico) or visit one of its historical squares. Another popular place for historians is Arequipa located in the far south of Peru, it is famous for its colonial style art the beautiful Basilica Cathedral and the 18th century Casa del Moral - A large ancestral house featuring well preserved samples of Andean Baroque civil architecture.


Popularly known as the Historical Capital of Peru, Cusco is a fascinating city home to 17th Century Cathedrals, Medieval sights such as the Saksaywaman Citadel and The Tambomacay, ancient temples and ruins. The weather here is tropical and pleasant during the day and chilly at night.

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Top 5 Beaches In Peru


Las Poctias

This beautiful beach is home to powder soft golden sand, bright blue waters and a low tide. It’s little rock pools make it a great place for children and its peaceful nature makes it the perfect place to relax in the sun.