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Unique architecture, stunning beaches and rich culture and history. Holidays to Cuba are filled with exotic rhythms as well as relaxing vibes.

● Cuba is the largest of the Caribbean Islands
● The main language is Spanish
● The official currency is the Cuban Convertible Peso and Cuban Peso


Things To Do

Cuba is a holiday destination like no other, filled with culture, music, fun and heaps of
history. The bright cities such as the capital city of Havana, Santiago de Cuba or Camagüey showcase the wealthy past of Cuba with influences from pirates and colonial settlements. Whereas places such as Varadero showcase gorgeous landscapes filled with tropical beaches and lush rainforests.

Nature lovers can enjoy thousands of caves, the second largest coral reef in the world, three
mountain ranges, six biosphere reserves and some gorgeous coloured birds. Outdoor
activities are also popular here, enjoy activities such as diving, caving, sunbathing, swimming, hiking, watersports and much more.

Nightlife in Cuba is vibrant with neat spirits and intriguing cocktails, Visit bars filled with
exciting music and dancing. Rum and Mojitos are the specialty and there are plenty of
comedy shows, salsa dancing, jazz, ballet and classical music venues to choose from.

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