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Holidays to St Lucia include something for everyone, it’s immaculate beaches, gorgeous sunsets and large pitons make it the perfect scene for a spot of romance, where its lush rainforests adhere to the adventure and nature lovers. Add in vibrant nightlife and yummy food and you have a full package.

● The official language is English

● The official currency is Eastern Caribbean Dollar
● It is easy to get around so you can take your holiday at your own pace


Things To Do

St Lucia is a vibrant and culturally rich holiday destination.

Home to some of the most attractive beaches in the world, phenomenal landscapes, a wide range of activities to try and diverse cities to be explored it is a unique and friendly place to spend your holiday.

Its volcanic nature provides a stunning landscape featuring enormous mountains emerging from the lush rainforests with hot springs and stunning waterfalls. Saint Lucia’s Coast is considered to be one of the most iconic in the world and its shore is bordered with luxurious holiday resorts, many of which are home to array of shops, restaurants, nightclubs, casinos and other entertainment, options all a stone's throw away from the beach.

Nightlife is vibrant and most popular tourist spots offer bars and music venues, visit larger towns for more options.

So for a trip filled with beauty, vibrant vibes and culture, book a holiday to St Lucia with CZ Holidays.