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Experience a holiday destination filled with variety and adventure on a trip to Chile.

● The official language is Spanish
● The official currency is the Chilean peso
Chile's Andes Mountains has some of the world's largest and still active Volcanoes
● The world's largest city can be found in Algarrobo city
● In Chile, you can find the driest place on earth, The Atacama Desert


Things To Do

Discover over 2,500 miles of beauty on a holiday to Chile, placed in between the Andes Mountains and the wild Pacific Ocean, Chile is full of dramatic landscapes such as the world’s driest desert, mesmerising lakes, beach towns, fantastic vineyards and snow capped mountains.

Holidays in Chile are filled with adventure spots - Take on Hiking, Rafting, Skiing, Water sports and much more!

Start off with the vibrant Capital City, Santiago. Here you will find distinct neighbourhoods, gorgeous scenery and world famous wineries and vineyards. Visit Sky Costanera for stunning 360 degree views of the mountains and city from one of the tallest viewpoints in Latin America. In the evenings see a traditional Chilean show or visit a local bar for a refreshing drink.

Other popular destinations in Chile include Vina del Mar - Popular for its luxurious
resorts, Palm Fringed Boulevards, white sandy beaches and Valparaiso, a vibrant and colourful city situated across more than 40 hills.

The Atacama Desert is situated in Northern Chile and is one of the driest deserts in the world. Head over to San Pedro for easy access to most sights and luxurious hotels. Immerse yourself in top experiences such as Moon Valley, Tatio Geysers, Death Valley and the salt flats and mountains. Adventure lovers can have a go at sand surfing or take on a buggy safari and when the sun goes down marvel at the beautiful sky and watch thousands of stars light up the sky at one of the best stargazing destinations in the world.

Chile’s famous wine region is located in the Central Valley and is a must see for wine lovers or visit a cowboy (Huasco) ranch in Rancagua. Surfers head over to Punta de Lobos for large waves and good vibes.

Nature lovers can head to the Lake District for striking waterfalls, ice tipped volcanoes and great trails ideal for hiking, bike riding and horse riding. In the South head to the Patagonia Region for National Parks and penguin spotting.

Easter Island is a truly instagrammable location, also known by the Poynesians as Rapu Nui is a famous island and a Unesco World Heritage Site with good reason. It is home to mysterious Moai stone statues, lush green countryside, sandy shores and a wealth of outdoor activities. Take a walking tour and visit endless sights or cycle around the island. Take a envy worthy photo in between the line of 15 statues and a gorgeous blue sea background or just relax on Anakena Beach with gorgeous white sands and incredible views.

Weather in Chile can vary dramatically depending on the location. In the North you can expect mild temperatures, Mediterranean in the centre and cold and snowy in the south and Andes.

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