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Discover busy cities and prestige beauty spots on a holiday to Canada. Think crystal clear lakes, vibrant cities and glorious summers.

● Canada is the second largest country in the world
● The two main languages in Canada are English and French
● The currency in Canada is Canadian Dollars

● Canada produces more than 80% of the world’s Maple Syrup


Things To Do

Canada is packed with a variety of activities for everyone. From city breaks to ski trips or beach holidays you will find it all here.

Indulge in majestic landscapes featuring pine forests, glorious rivers, serene lakes and snow capped mountains. Take a trip on the snow train that runs between Vancouver and Jasper, taking in views of the peaks and canyons of famous Rocky Mountains. Visit the world famous Niagara Falls in Ontario for views of a lifetime or skate on the frozen lakes in northwest Canada.


In Canada’s national parks you can catch glimpses of incredible wildlife such as moose, grizzly bears and beavers.

Admire the architecture and views of the St Lawrence River in Quebec or head over to trendy Toronto to climb the CN tower. Montreal is great for soaking in culture and the capital Ottawa is great for museums, historical buildings and lush parks.

There are also some pretty impressive beaches in Canada, with more shoreline than any other country in the world there are some real underrated gems to be found here. Long Beach has over ten miles of sand set against a beautiful backdrop of rainforests and mountains, in the spring and summer it is a hot spot for whale watching when over 20,000 grey whales migrate up the coast. Here you can also find some decent bars. Wasaga Beach is the longest freshwater beach in the world, it features 8 miles of white sandy shoreline and warm shallow waters are ideal for swimming and its powder soft sand is ideal for lounging around or enjoying a picnic.

The best places for nightlife are the cities, with lively destinations such as Toronto and Ottawa full of late night clubs, trendy bars and live music venues and festivals.

Our Destinations In Canada