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Discover the lush interiors of Bali with beautiful volcanoes and mountains in the north through to Ubud’s calm and tranquil rice paddies. The popular beaches along the southern tip of the island all have their own charm with a perfect resort for everyone. Bali Holidays are a true paradise for couples, solo travellers and families.

● Bali is an island in Indonesia
● Bali is well known for its beautiful views
● The official currency is the Indonesian Rupiah
● Volcano Agung is considered the most sacred place on the island
● Taxis are the easiest way to get around Bali


Things To Do

Bali holidays lure everyone from young backpackers to wealthy jet setters and cater for a variety of different tastes. With Sugar white and black volcanic sandy beaches featuring crystal clear seas and dramatic landscapes it's no secret why Bali holidays are often ranked as Paradise, but there is much more to this island than its Majestic mountains and beautiful beaches. Bali is home to a wealth of culture and nature with over 20,000 temples and incredible architecture island wide.

For Animal adventures head over to the Bird Park and Zoo offering an ideal way to spend a day on your Bali family holidays. Kids will love the colourful birds and exotic animals and they can even interact with some species.

Beach lovers will be in utter bliss with some of the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia, Bali has it all from Jimbaran Bay a great spot for swimming or the infectious rhythm of Balangan Beach will captivate crowds with its laid-back surfer bars and snack shacks.

Unsurprisingly, snorkelling is a favoured activity, with a wealth of marine life to be found beneath the ocean’s surface. Menjangan Island, a marine national park is an ideal spot for diving, boasting sea cucumbers, clown fish, starfish and sea urchins as you delve beneath the waves.

Foodies be sure to check out the street food, Served from a variety of carts all around the island or small restaurants also known as warung. Some of the favourite dishes are Sate Lilit-Grilled meats, Indonesian fried rice (nasi goreng) and nasi campur - Chicken and veg with rice.

Wherever you go to Bali you are sure to have a beautiful adventure so why not book a trip with CZ Holidays today!