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Year round sunshine, Luxury malls and accommodation and thrilling excursions. Abu Dhabi holidays are an excellent treat for the whole family.

● The official currency of Abu Dhabi is the UAE Dirham
● The official language is Arabic
Ferrari World is home to the world's fastest roller coaster
● The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is one of the ten largest mosques in the world


Things To Do

The modern 21st Century meets ancient traditions in Abu Dhabi with world breaking feats, contemporary architecture and sun kissed beaches. Abu Dhabi is the perfect destination for both beach and city breaks. The Ultra modern city skyline offers gorgeous views during sunsets and the cultural gems are unparalleled.

From relaxing sunspots to party beaches with bars, DJ’s you are never far from the beach or one of the many inlets on a holiday to Abu Dhabi. Head over to Saadiyat public beach for an unmodified nature spot, this beach is ideal for relaxing trips to the beach as it is very quiet - Tip Hawksbill turtles are known to nestle here!

Looking for the perfect photo with the famous landmarks? Head to Corniche Beach, this beach is along the northwest shore and has beautiful views and white sands.

Thrill seekers will have plenty of choice from theme parks to water parks.

Ferrari World is an amusement park in Abu Dhabi packed with fast paced fun and
adventure. Here you can browse the ranks of classical cars and take on the world's fastest roller coaster. Don’t fancy that? Head over to the Yas Marina Circuit Tour for F1 fun, here you can tour the grounds or take a drive in anything from a Chevy Camaro to a Formula 3000 car.

Warner Bros. World™ Abu Dhabi is an indoor, fully air conditioned theme park, home to 29 rides, family attractions and live entertainment all themed around the characters from Warner Bros., from Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman to Bugs Bunny, Scooby Doo and Fred Flintstone. It also has great dining and shopping outlets. It's suitable for all the family and is a great day out.

Water parks lovers head over to Yas Waterworld, it is the perfect spot to let off steam for an afternoon, with shallow play pools for little ones and relaxing spots for the adults. Queues for rides aren’t as long as other amusements either, so dropping by for a few hours is an option.

For a more chilled choice, head to Murjan Splash Park with shallow pools, it’s ideal for infrequent swimmers and young children. It’s worth knowing that this park is cash only, so leave your cards at home. Or why not make some feathered companions at the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital. Located a short drive out of the city, this wildlife reserve is a peaceful place to spend an afternoon and learn about the birds. The tour lasts two hours and if you’re feeling brave you can have a photo taken with one on your arm.

Abu Dhabi’s skyline is world renowned, Its breathtaking modern skyscrapers include the Sky Tower which is placed over 1000 feet high! But Abu Dhabi is also home to beautiful and interesting culture and here you will find an abundance of traditional gulf style buildings.

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is one of the ten largest mosques in the world. Its intricate carvings and perfect symmetry are beautiful and awe inspiring. Note - The dress code is strict, but you can borrow appropriate cover-ups from the office before you head inside. There’s a free guided tour that lasts around 45 minutes to discover more about the mosque’s history.

Fancy a view from above? The Observation Deck 300 is the highest place to have high tea, based on the 74th floor of the Jumeirah building, where you can take in a stunning 360 - degree view of the city and its unique skyline.

Once you’ve seen the modern architecture of Abu Dhabi, learn about the city’s history at the Qasr Al Hosn museum. Entrance is free and it’s a great way to get out of the sun for a few hours during the day.